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Meditation Instructor Directory

Instructor Members shown below have been found to meet the basic educational and practical guidelines for membership. Only those listed below may display their Membership Status in promotional materials (web, print, etc.).

While you are welcome to use our internal contact system to contact individual instructor members, please do not SPAM our member list!  

** Please note that Instructor Membership is open to teachers from a wide variety of meditation methodologies. We encourage all those seeking to begin meditation practice (whether under the guidance of a local instructor or school - or via other instructional methods), to take adequate time to research the various styles available and/or to contact members in advance to help determine if a particular meditation approach is right for you.

** While Instructor Members listed on the MeditationInstructors.Com website are required to meet particular basic education / certification guidelines for membership - we do NOT warrant the quality or effectiveness of any instructor's teaching ability, classroom or workshop suitability, etc., or that the instructor and/or school meets all necessary business, insurance and/or legal requirements to run classes in their (your) specific local area. We assume NO responsibility whatsoever for the quality of your interaction with any member. 

Important Note: (January 2023) Our Member Directory and membership system is currently undergoing a redesign to include a variety of exciting new display and membership level options. During this process, there will be periods where our membership directory will display a limited number of members and/or only certain membership levels.  Anyone looking to verify active membership during this time (and the particular member listing you're looking for does not appear in the directory), please contact our Administrative Office directly for confirmation: --- Thank you!