Membership Requirements for Instructors * **

Those seeking Individual Instructor Membership (at one of the three available levels) with the IAMI must meet the following criteria:

Level-1 Instructor Member - Basic - US$45 Annually

Level-1 is the entry-level IAMI Instructor membership. Level-1 applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Applicant must be CERTIFIED as a Meditation Instructor from an active educational program. The certifying institution may be located anywhere worldwide, provided that said program is actively certifying program graduates in the field. If the program is not known to our review team, you may be asked to provide curriculum details prior to membership approval.

Note: Level-1 Instructor Members are NOT required to meet the minimum 60-hour documented and reviewed practice requirement. This level is appropriate for those that took part in programs that did not have a documented practice component as part of their curriculum (or an insufficient amount of practice), or for those that that may not have appropriate documentation that meets the Level-2 (or higher) requirements.

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Level-2 Instructor Member - Standard - US$60 Annually

1. Applicant must be a CERTIFIED Meditation Instructor.

2. Instructor Certification must be from an approved University, College, Training Center, Spiritual Center and / or under the guidance of a Recognized Master Instructor, Ordained Buddhist Practitioner (monk, teacher, etc.), qualified Taoist practitioner, or other suitably recognized and qualified individual.

3. Certification must include 60-hours (or more) of documented practice time - preferrably in journal format that has been instructor-reviewed and graded in 20-hour segments. Other review and grading formats will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis, but all must include sufficient documented practice time as detailed above.

4. Must be a FORMAL certification program of a minimum duration of at least 3-months in length.

5. Those who are certified via Distance Study and/or Online Programs will be accepted provided that regular ongoing instructor involvement and feedback is a major part of the course.

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Level-3 Instructor Member - Advanced - US$120 Annually

Applicant must meet ALL Level-2 requirements, plus the following:

1. Applicant must have a minimum of eight (8) years of meditation teaching experience. 

2. Applicant must have officially taught more than 25 students over the previous 5-year period.

3. Level-3 applicants must provide three (3) letters of recommendation, submitted directly from recent meditation students (ideally within the past year) -- and at least one (1) letter of recommendation from their certification instructor, if possible - or from a representative of the certifying body (e-mail submissions are preferred). All letters (or e-mails) of recommendation MUST come directly from the writer (NOT the applicant) and include appropriate contact information for confirmation. 

4. For those who have studied and/or received certification in recognized styles outside of the United States (notably China, Japan, Korea, India, etc.) - and who find that they are having difficulty assembling the required information for Level-3 Recognition, please contact the Review Office for options available to you. Some degree of flexibility (or alternative criteria) may be possible. 

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* Other criteria may be applied to instructor membership approval by the IAMI at anytime and without prior notice. The IAMI reserves the right to deny membership to any individual for any reason.

** The IAMI is not responsible for the conduct of any Instructor Member. The IAMI does not directly review the teaching ability of any Instructor Member, nor do we promote or recommend any individual instructor or style of practice. Those using this web site to promote their teaching services, or to locate an instructor, do so at their own risk - and must use their own due diligence whenever hiring the services of any teacher, instructor or training program.

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